Eye-fi. Buy it. It is the best device ever. Not just because of what it can do, but because of how it gets it done. So, what does Eye-fi do? Simply put, it’s an SD card with wifi. When you take a picture it can geo-tag it based on nearby wifi hotspots using Skyhook data. Additionally it can upload your pictures directly to your computer. The second one is the killer feature. It can upload pictures directly to your computer, anywhere on your computer, including into photo applications. When I get home from taking pictures I wait two minutes then open iPhoto. The pictures are already in iPhoto. I didn’t have to click any buttons, there were no cables, the only thing I had to do was open the door to my house and go inside. The Eye-fi card automatically connected to my home network and uploaded its photos to my computer. The Eye-fi manager application downloaded them and put them into iPhoto. If you don’t use iPhoto it can also put them in a folder of your choosing. Also available is the ability to post photos directly to Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, and all the other photo sharing sites. Why is this so awesome? The workflow to get my media from its initial capture to the web has been reduced to only the steps where I creatively interact with it. Eye-fi has removed all technical glue from the equation. Steve Jobs likes to use the word “automagic” to describe workflows in Apple’s products that work this well. Eye-fi has raised the bar.

Normally I don’t do product links, but I love this one too much not to make it easy for you to buy. The only thing I don’t like about the Eye-fi is how many versions there are, each has a slightly different set of features. Its too confusing. They only need three versions “home” for basic uploading to a computer, “explorer” for geo-tagging, flicker integration, etc., and “pro” for raw and video upload. I would also like to see Eye-fi compatible apps for iPhone and android in the future. Allowing me to use this amazing service with devices that don’t suppor their hardware. Eye-fi, are you listening?