Update: Had this article sent to me from the New York Times, they do get the importance of Maker Faire and Detroit. Lots of stories about Maker Faire Detroit projects hitting the web, but I think they missed the real story. Here is one from a Gizmodo site about the Giant Mousetrap. It gives a mention of Maker Faire, but not much else. And one from Engadget about awesome RFID hacks. Engadget didn’t even mention Maker Faire. Yes, there is cool stuf at Maker Faire, that is kind of the point. But if you look beyond the thin veil of fire, robots, and Twinkie cannons you can see a much more interesting narrative. Detroit, the city that was rapidly approaching its future as depicted in RoboCop, is having a Maker Faire. This was an opportunity to hi-light the culture of innovation that is fueling the recovery in the hardest hit economy in the country. Why not feature some of the locals that stick around after the Faire, continue to make and continue to rebuild.

This is only a fraction of those committed to helping rebuild Detroit. Hopefully next time Gizmodo will take a break from making fun of Cupertino to report the deeper story. You can see the full list of makers at Maker Faire Detroit here.