280slides.com is one of the best webapps to date, and not just in its genre. Not only does it have all of the port and polish I would expect of a full blown professional desktop application but it works just as smooth as one too. So, what does it do? Well Google Docs and OpenOffice.org should move over, because 280Slides is attacking their turf. It is a presentation suite modeled after Keynote, a desktop presentation application.


280Slides gets media right. Integrated in to the app is the ability to pull media from a “local” library or insert images via an internal search widget. All of this makes for a very robust feeling application that has the power of a desktop app, but fully leverages the power of web APIs.


While it may be styled off of Apple Inc.’s Keynote, 280slides only appears to export to the ubiquitous .ppt format used by Microsoft’s PowerPoint application.